Temporary bridge hire and innovative solutions for Site Access/Public Access Bridges/Walkways. Our modular system, SuperAccess, is designed to be multi-purpose and versatile, offering seamless compatibility and endless combinations. Experience the convenience of ready-to-lift units delivered directly to your site, ready for positioning in their final location within minutes. With swift installation, our system dramatically reduces time, costs, and labor, while optimising productivity and ensuring safety. Explore our website today to discover how SuperAccess can revolutionise your project and provide reliable temporary bridge solutions for your specific needs.

Looking for a smart and simple way to provide stairs and site access for your workers? Look no further than our modular multi-purpose stair boxes. They are like LEGO and MECCANO for construction sites. They come preassembled OFF-SITE and can be lifted and installed in hours. They are versatile, compatible and customisable. They help you save time, money and labour while enhancing productivity and safety. Our stair boxes are the ultimate stair solution for your project needs.

Smart modular boxes for all Public Access-Worker Access Ramps/Site Access.  All components compatible and combinations are endless. Multi-purpose, versatile, preassembled OFF-SITE. . Delivered to site as ready-to-lift unit. Installed within a few hours. Greatly reducing time, costs, labour while increasing productivity and safety.

Smart modular components for any type of Elevated Platforms/Cantilevered Platforms for material loading/handling/Decking/Staging. Highly versatile and configurable to suit your project for any purpose. Pre-assembled OFF-SITE and installed within a few hours. . Greatly reducing time, costs, labour while increasing productivity and safety.

Smart modular boxes for all Special Structures/Frames/Access. Multi-purpose, versatile, preassembled OFF-SITE same way as LEGO and MECCANO. All components compatible and combinations endless. Delivered to site as ready-to-lift units. Installed within a few hours. Greatly reducing time, costs and labour while increasing productivity and safety

Simplified stair solution for public or workers access. All Stair Kits for workers access come with 3 components only – stair, tread, stair block and handrail. Configurations and combinations are endless to suit your project.

Smart modular boxes for all Site Access/Public Access Bridges/WalkWays. Multi-purpose, versatile, preassembled OFF-SITE. All components compatible and combinations endless. Delivered to site as ready-to-lift units into final position. Installed within hours. Greatly reducing time, costs, labour while maximising productivity and safety. 

Our smart modular boxes are perfect for all your temporary Public Access Hoarding and Overhead Protection needs. These versatile boxes are preassembled off-site, making them easy to transport and install. With endless combinations of compatible components, they can be tailored to suit your specific project requirements. These ready-to-lift units can be installed within a few hours, significantly reducing costs, labour, and time while improving productivity and safety on-site.

Heavy/light duty noise control steel rubbish chute for any type of rubbish/debris. Custom made to any configuration and size to suit your project. All components compatible with one another.

Smart modular perimeter Protection Screens/Safety Screens protecting your site, the public and workers. Highly compatible and configurable for endless combinations to suit any requirement on any project. Preassembled OFF-SITE, delivered as ready-to-lift units and installed within a few hours. Greatly reducing time, cost, labour, while increasing productivity and safety.

Smart modular versatile self-supporting pre-fabricated Beams to support or construct any structure for any requirement. Highly flexible, versatile and multi-purpose suitable for all projects. Designed for easy assembly and alteration. Highly configurable, endless combinations and compatible with any other Preston product. Installed within hours, saving you money, time while maximising productivity and safety.

Our modular beam/box structures offer a smart and versatile solution for any gym or structure requirement. With high flexibility and endless configurations, they are perfect for a wide range of applications. It's modular design and compatibility with any other Preston product give you the ultimate in design flexibility. Easy assembly and alteration save you time and money, while enhancing operations and increasing productivity and safety. In just one day, you can have a highly configurable and adaptable structure. Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your operations with our modular beam/box structures.

FacadeFirst is a smart modern construction methodology applicable on any building and carpark. The FacadeFirst is the method of erecting the facade first, and the floors later. A total reversal of today's lengthy and costly construction method. FacadeFirst methodology reduces costs and time, while increasing productivity and safety.


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