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Class A and Class B Hoardings

Preston SuperAccess Hoardings: Your Ultimate Temporary Hoarding Solution!

Designed with utmost versatility in mind, our Temporary Hoardings provide an exceptional system to ensure the safety of both the public and workers around building sites. Say goodbye to worries about falling objects and hazardous activities!

Our innovative hoarding system takes pride in its preassembled nature, allowing for effortless installation OFF-SITE. With flexible modules that can be easily configured to meet any site requirement, we've got you covered. From robust 10KPA hoarding to higher loadings tailored to your specific site conditions, our system is adaptable to suit any project.

Whether you're dealing with straightforward or complex projects, our Hoardings shine bright due to their remarkable flexibility of assembly and modular design. No project is too challenging for us!

Join countless satisfied customers who have embraced the convenience, reliability, and safety offered by Preston. Experience the peace of mind that comes with our cutting-edge solution, safeguarding everyone involved.

Discover the ultimate hoarding experience today!

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