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Preston Stairs  

The intelligent Preston Stairs and Stair-kits are designed to simplify and provide safer and smarter public and worker access on site. Our smart Stair Boxes include; stair tread, stair block and handrail. Why is it smart? we can make up any stair configuration to suit your project needs.

The unique patented Preston design is a revolutionary edge cutting solution to builders for workers on site and public. Our Stairs provide excellence in safety and quality for moving the public in any area. Multi-purpose and can be configured and custom-made for any project.

We have stairs for every situation including suspended stairs into or up to 60m deep excavations, shaft or hole.

Preston Stairs come in nine standard models from small stairs to stretcher stairs or large public access stairs. 

Types of Stairs:

Hanging / Suspended / Cantilevered 

Hook-on / Latching Stairs to capping beams or sheet piles

Stair Towers / Free-standing stairs (no ties) / portable stairs

Our Clients want a quick and easy solution to their construction projects with NO DRILLING OR ANCHORING to capping beam.

NO Drilling or anchoring to capping or concrete

NO space on site for support beams

NO delays to remove and replace stairs as they can be picked up as one unit by crane and erected by client's site crew in minutes, not days

NO subcontractor's labour required on site

NO hassles as superAccess is like LEGO and MECCANO put together - easy and simple

The Cantilevered Stairs allows the project to carry on with works, and with progressive excavation on site with NO DRILLING OR ANCHORING.

Preston has been a trusted supplier of Preston Stair Towers to most of the major Sydney Metro Railway Stations and is committed to providing continued innovative solutions of the highest quality to our clients.

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