About Us

For over 50 years, Preston has provided quality construction equipment hire and services that many clients have come to count on. We put safety, quality, productivity and cost savings before anything.

As a leader in providing innovative specialised construction equipment for hire and sale, support and services to the Australian and International construction sector for over 50 years, Preston is proud of its history, our people and the reputation for trusted and reliable service that we have become renowned for.


Preston's mission is to provide the highest quality products with the highest safety standards and services to our clients, supported by innovative, smarter, cost-efficient practices, and safety initiatives. Our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our clients by exceeding their expectation and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of our team. Meeting the standard is good. Setting the standard is better.


superAccess is a modular, preassembled, innovative and smart engineered access system. superAccess is an Australian patented product designed and manufactured to maximise productivity, minimise costs, minimise construction schedule, improve safety and cost savings without the labour. superAccess uses prefabricated galvanised rigid Boxes to design and install engineered structures such as pedestrian bridges, walkways, stairs, edge protection, decking, scaffold, fences, screens, ramps, hoardings, stretcher stairs, props, beams or anything else you want it to be to simplify access solutions on-site or for the public. Your imagination is the only limit with superAccess.

During our research, design and planning phase we integrated the control of Elimination of Risk, and our superAccess Structure (Scaffold) eliminates the risk of fall from heights and the risk of falling objects from heights, eliminates the risk of shade cloth fires, eliminates the use of scaffolders on site and eliminates all the other risks workers are traditionally exposed to by ensuring we designed a  Structure (Scaffold) that is modular and pre-assembled OFF-SITE and delivered to site on a truck and craned into position, ready for use within minutes, not days or weeks which is the length it takes with traditional System Scaffold erected at perilous dangerous heights.


The biggest continued benefits our clients see on their sites are reduced labour and cost, and a significant increase in levels of safety and productivity. The main reason the system boasts these impressive benefits and eliminates risk on site is that all products are pre-assembled OFF-SITE and positioned into place and ready to use within minutes, not hours or weeks. 



FacadeFirst is a revolutionary new construction methodology applicable to any type of building, including car parks. FacadeFirst methodology is a Facade which is erected before the building floors are installed. This new methodology eliminates many current unsafe, costly and lengthy practices whilst increasing safety and productivity. Please see FacadeFirst on the top menu for more information.


When you deal with Preston you are dealing with a company that treats your business as an extension of its own. Our aim is to always exceed our client's expectation and standards.

We understand the pressures and demands of construction these days and therefore our key focus is how to improve your current methods on site to reduce labour, save cost, increase safety and increase productivity.

Quality, Safety & The Environment

At Preston, we take quality and safety seriously, hence Preston integrates control measures early on in its design process to eliminate risk. All Preston products and equipment go through a thorough process of evaluation, engineering testing, quality control and further evaluation by our team and all end users to ensure the product and equipment performance is second to none.

We have Workplace Health & Safety (WHS), Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), environmental and quality policies and procedures in place to ensure that we consistently deliver the highest standards in all areas and create a workplace that is injury, illness and incident free, because we care for our people, clients and the wider community.