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Preston Beams are highly versatile, multi-purpose structural beams which can be custom made for any purpose. Our Beams are hot dipped galvanised for durability and appeal. 

Pre-fabricated beams ready to use or to be assembled with pre-drilled 18mm holes at 80mm centre grid using M16 bolts for bolting together. Just like a giant MECCANO.

Ideal for permanent or temporary works to assemble structures quickly without any drawings or planning saving you time and money, whilst maximising productivity.

Preston Beam can support heavy loads, span long distance, support storm water pipes, drain pipes, cable beams. Ideal for propping, shoring, bridging, walkways or anything else.

Our Beams come in different lengths and sizes from 320mm to 2240mm high and 1m to 3m lengthways and can be bolted together to make any length.

To see more Preston Beams in different applications, visit Studio Evolution Fitness

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